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Our site is different from Google Search because we list and provide links to 99.9% of all the hotels really on the beach in California. And we have articles on California beach towns that will help you choose where you want to go. Sure, on Google you can type in Laguna Beach hotels and you'll get a list of hotels in Laguna. But maybe you don't know where on the beach you want to stay. That's where we come in. Scroll on down. You'll find all the sevices that we offer to help you find that perfect California beach town, California beach hotel, beautiful but seldom visited beach, and how to have a wedding on a California beach.

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  • California - listing of all the hotels on the beach that we could find.
  • Beach Cams - we've found the best in California.
  • Beach Weddings - Guide to where and how in Southern California
  • Ask the BeachWizard - This is the only beach oriented site where you can ask a specific question and get a personal answer.

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