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Sunset at the Sea Sprite Motel
Hermosa Beach, California

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Hermosa Beach
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Jerry Henderson

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Hermosa Beach is one of California's great beach towns. We like it because most of the restaurants and entertainment are in one compact area. The beach is wide and, of course, has California's famous beach weather. On the beach are dozens of volleyball nets where you can always find a game going on and often national competition. The Surfer's Walk of Fame is located on the pier. Hermosa Beach claims to be the birthplace of surfing in California. Malibu and Huntington Beach might question that. Nevertheless, there is good surfing to be had here.

And all of this fun and relaxing beach atmosphere is just minutes from LAX and the exciting venues of Southern California.

The housing near the beach has a European flair to it with apartments running from the beach up the side of the hill. Between the apartments are paths flowing through flowers down to the beach and a paved path.

This path runs all the way from Will Rogers State Beach, miles to the north, down to Redondo Beach, several miles to the south. But clearly, this is the most scenic stretch, that runs for about ten miles southward from Marina Del Rey. The route follows a flat, curving path that snakes among the dunes of Dockweiler Beach State Park. Then enters Manhattan Beach where it's more like a broad boardwalk. Nearing King Harbor, because of the shops, you'll have to dismount and walk through this busy, but fun,shopping area. There are plenty of restrooms, restaurants, snack stands, bike rental and repair shops along the entire route. Be sure to obey all posted signs as bicyclists have been cited for not dismounting and walking their bikes in designated areas. Also, keep in mind that people walk and skate on this path. It's not a speed course. It's a place to relax and take in the variety of sites.

If you're visiting on a Friday, be sure to visit the Farmers Market. It's a Certified Market meaning that you'll find fresh organic fruit and vegetables. And every Memorial Day there is Fiesta Hermosa. This event attracts thousands of visitors to view the works of artists and crafters from all over the west and there is entertainment for the whole family.

A fact that surprises visitors to California beaches from Florida is that there are very hotels and resorts right on the beach. Whereas, in Florida the beaches are lined with high rise condos, apartments, hotels, and resorts. Hermosa Beach is no exception to this. In fact, in the ten mile stretch from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach there are only two hotels that are right on the beach. Other properties may advertise themselves as beach hotels, but trust me, they are not on the beach. Many of the so called beach hotels are blocks away from the beach.

For our money, there are really only two places to stay in Hermosa Beach. They are the historic Sea Sprite Motel, and The Beach House.

Located at 10th & The Strand, the Sea Sprite has been the vacation spot for many famous people. Some of those people include the jazz great Dizzy Gilespie, Tito Puente, Hugh O'Brien and Emilio Esteves, opera diva Beverly Sills, many Ice Capade stars, sports figures, and symphony orchestra members.

The Beach House is an upscale lodging compared to the Sea Sprite which has an old time beach motel feel to it.






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